Fernridge school 150th jubilee

Recently I was honored to make the cake for my son’s school as it was celebrating its 150th year open!  We had a jubilee and it was so awesome, the organizers did a great job. There was a balloon release ceremony,  photos of past students (including me! 1997-2001) and a cake cutting ceremony with the youngest student and oldest living past student. It was a great day and I’m so proud to have been a part of it, it is such a great little school. 
So this is the cake I made….




You cant tell but it was quite big… 35 by 35 cm. And very, very heavy!
The cake was 2 layers of fruit cake with a layer of almond buttercream.  Then on top is white fondant.
The ‘koru’ is the school’s logo so I airbrushed that on with a custom made stencil.
Then i used an extruder to make the black out-line.
The fluer di lis is also air brushed on using a stencil. 
The letters were cut with my funky tappit set and sprayed with edible silver spray paint and left to dry.

For the sides of the cake I used the quilted design and edible gold and silver bling.
I also made a pearl border to go around the cake which i painted with an edible pearl paint. 
Here is a photo of the side close up…



Thanks for looking at my cakes! 🙂

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