Lime and coconut cupcakes!

Lime and coconut cupcakes

Hello everyone, hope your all keeping warm in this cold weather. I have had such a hectic last few weeks, bought our first home and moved in, got a new puppy, I started 2 new jobs and finished up at my other job, cake orders to do  and then my PopPop passed away the other day! Very sad 😦
So, naturally….I felt like baking something, it usually helps me feel better… a kind of therapy I suppose lol.
So anyways, since it’s winter here I was craving something fresh and summery, and I just happened to see some limes on my daily travels so I grabbed some and went home to make
Coconut and Lime Cupcakes!
Yuuuuummmm yum they turned out delicious and quite tart which I love.
The cupcake was a lime cake which, while cooling, I soaked with a lime syrup and then topped with a cream cheese icing that I added lime juice and desiccated coconut too.
Oh, and sprinkled with my homemade green sugar hehe
My 4 year old agrees… these are a winner 🙂

Feel free to contact me to order these cupcakes or any other flavour you might like!

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