How to make the Moana Cake

Hi there! Im Jess Bakes and I have had a lot of interest in this cake so I thought I’d share how I made it so you can do it at home… it really is quite easy! 

First I baked the cake layers which were rainbow! so I made a vanilla cake mixture and seperated it into 5 bowls, using a 1c measuring cup, to make it as even as I could.

I tinted each one a different colour and then baked and cooled the layers.

Next I make a batch of vanilla buttercream and put a smidge on my cake board to hold first cake layer. Start layering cake/icing/cake icing til you have used all layers. Remember what order you want the colours in when the client cuts open cake too!

Once you have filled the cake you need to do a “crumb coat” which is basically a layer of icing to hold crumbs in so they don’t mess up your finished icing layer. So just use your offset spatula to spread your buttercream around the whole cake… its just a light layer that you can still see the cake through.

Refridgerate for at least an hour. Can be left til the next day if needed.

Once you have a crumb coat set make another batch of buttercream and tint it light blue using a gel food colour paste. 

Give your cake a coat of this then put 1/3 of whats left in a piping bag with a Wilton 4b tip or a star tip.

Start at the base of cake and pipe the waves

See in the picture below I have drawn the line you want to follow, starting in the centre where the dot is and following line. Repeat around cake once or twice depending on cake height.

Tint the remaining icing a few shades darker and repeat wave process, then once again a few shades darker after that. Remember to leave a gap for the sand layer.

So the sand layer I just used straight brown sugar for, you can use crushed biscuits or a mixture of both if you dont like the idea of straight sugar! 😉

Just cup it in your hand and carefully press around sides then on top of the cake covering and icing you can see.

Decorate finished cake with a few Moana toys and some edible flowers and sea creatures.

*The flowers and sea creatures I made the day before so they could dry. They are made with fondant and cut with cutters or moulds to shape them. 

I hope this tutorial is helpful to anyone wanting to make a special Moana cake and I hope you have fun making it 😉

Any questions feel free to ask in the comments section 

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