I am situated in the Wairarapa New Zealand and work out of a registered food premises.  If you are interested in requesting something to be made for your special event or you have any questions about any of the work I have on display here, please contact me via the details below and not through comments.  Please note that as this is just a hobby for me at this stage and due to family commitments, there is a limit to how many cakes I can make so I will need at least a weeks notice for any requests. or 0279539527


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    • Hi Kim. My basic cakes start at $80 and 2 tier start at $150. Sorry for late reply I am having trouble with website comments so please email or text me so you dont miss out! 🙂


  1. Hi Jess um just wondering if you could make a frozen cake for the 24th next week its for me 6year old daughter could contact me on 0224017597 with price please oh and could I order a dozen frozen cup cakes please


  2. Hello, looking for a price for a child’s birthday cake, simple banana cake, round shape, fondant covered and decorated with flowers and bees. natural food colours. need by 20th oct. thanks Amber


    • Hi Wendy. Basic 1 tier cakes are around $80 to $100. 2 tier cakes are around $150. Thanks. Please email or text me if you want to order so you dont miss out as I dont know when messages through the website come through and I may not check it in time.


  3. Hi Jess,
    Not sure if you remember but I was in Moore Wilsons the other week and was talking to you about a Pokemon cake for my hubby haha…’s his birthday next week the 17th. Is there any chance of you making us just a one tear cake please decorated Pokemon style?haha I can find out his favourite one if that helps?
    I look forward to hearing from you xo

    Alice Heberson


  4. Hi I was wondering how much it would cost for a 21st cake, basically just wanting like a two and a one with white icing with good polka dots on it


    • Hi Helen, I’m so glad they liked the cake it was a challenge getting the bike to stand up! Thanks for your comment I really appreciate feedback!


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